Al Qaim Housing



It is with great honor that Ali Builders & Developers presents Al Qaim Housing by Ali Builders. As Chairman and Owner, it is a privilege to introduce to you not only a distinctive standard in Ali Builders capabilities, it is also a true testament to a personal legacy.

This unique project, located in the most splendid location of Superhighway, is a marvel in both architecture and an urban lifestyle.

This project sets new standards in planning and world-class design, natural environment and lifestyle. It provides an unquestionable bond between nature, habitat and family, and is befitting those who demand the very best for themselves, and for those they love the most in affordable prices.


Children Playground by Ali Builders & Developers

Children Playground

Playing in Al Qaim Housing’s playgrounds supports learning, increases children’s concentration, improves their social skills and creativity in a safe environment.

The Community Centers At Al Qaim Housing

Community Center

The Community Centers in AL Qaim Housing will award its members to gather for group activities, social support, community engagement advancement of Arts and Culture.

Scenic Parks at Al Qaim Housing

Scenic Parks

Al Qaim Housing posses several parks designed as per modern urban infrastructure standards having Jogging Tracks, scenic peaceful surroundings all around the project.

Real estate builders Mosque.


Raised amid historic Islamic architecture across the globe, AQH enlists its rank for building marvels all over the project specified for prayers with huge head holding capacity.

Botanical Garden provided by best real estate developers

Botanical Garden

AQH reserves area for gardens dedicated to the collection, cultivation and display of a wide range of plants labeled with their botanical names that will be a great place for Visitors.

Dancing Fountain at Al Qaim Housing

Dancing Fountain

Yes! AQH does have a water fun place where the color full dancing & sprinkling water will jet up the entertainment levels.

Ultra Luxury Facilities of Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

Indeed! AQH does have plans for shopping precinct under one roof. The mall will be the best place to fashion up and fill the shopping carts at the most of desire.

Baradari by best builders and developers


Baradari depicts the capability to buildup complex architectural structures as well as close touches of the project to our rich cultural heritage.

Cinema by best builders and developers

Cine Box

First time a Gold star cinema and a auditorium will be constructed for the residents of Al Qaim housing based on modern design.



Smart Grids:

They will provide the necessary amount of electricity depending on the demand. This way the power efficiency will be maximized.

Smart Urban Lighting:

Why waste energy if nobody is on the street? Smart urban lighting will adjust the intensity of the light depending on people who are around.

Waste Management:

Not all places generate the same kind or the same amount of waste. With smart containers and a good feet management system, the routes can be tailored to any situation. Thanks to this kind of solution, the efforts in waste collection will be much more efficient.

Smart City Maintenance:

Residents will now be able to rely on systems to notify the Project Management of any damages in the urban elements through their smartphones. This way things will be repaired faster.

Video Security Surveillance:

Video monitoring of public spaces with advanced security applications reporting to a control center of Project. They allow better decision making and quicker response from Al Qaim Security Staff.

Security System:

Hi-tech security systems will be used to ensure residents security. These will include Security check posts providing RF entry system on Entrances of Project, and panic intercoms to ensure individual residents security.

Optical Fiber Networking:

Hi-tech services will be provided for telephone internet and broadband using optical networking.


First time a Gold star cinema and a auditorium will be constructed for the residents of Al Qaim Exclusive based on modern design.

Rain Water Conservation Plant:

First time in Pakistan hi-tech water conservation plant will be constructed to conserve water.

Mega Mall

• Jogging Tracks

• Bus Service

• Advanced Underground Utility supply systems

• Banks

• Petrol Pumps

• Commercial Blocks

• Organic fresh markets

• Schools and nurseries

• Centralized Project Management Systems

• Smart Security System

• Gated Society

• Eco-green project

• Water treatment plants

• Sewage Treatment plants

• Hospital

• University

• Health and Fitness Facilities

• Grave Yards




120 sq. yards


200 sq. yards


240 sq. yards


400 sq. yards



100 sq. yards


200 sq. yards


400 sq. yards